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  • Green wave for Reykjavik trafficSiemens is supplying its satellite-based prioritisation system Sitraffic Stream (Simple Tracking Realtime Application for Managing traffic lights and... 11 October 2016
  • Here teams up with Iowa DOT on autonomous drivingHere is partnering with the Iowa DOT to develop automated vehicle and freight movement technologies, in a multi-phased project which lays the... 11 October 2016
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  • ITS Interview Malcolm Dougherty avatar Caltrans takes the long view of transportCaltrans' Malcolm Dougherty took time out of his schedule at ITS America 2016 in San Jose to talk to ITS International about current and future challenges. As director of...
  • Crosswalk involved in the fatal collision Two seconds the difference between life and deathProfessor Donald Fisher has spent 15 years identifying factors that increase the crash risk of novice and older drivers. His findings highlight the difference between living...
  • MassRides Incentive schemes target single occupancy commutersAndrew Bardin Williams looks at state-run schemes to encourage green transportation habits with raffles, gift cards, competitions and frequent traveller points. The societal...
  • ITS Travel Information Xerox Mangaing parking Xerox considers smarter city solutionsRichard Harris from Xerox considers how to alleviate inner-city traffic congestion. Whether travelling for business or leisure, wasting unnecessary time during your journey...
  • Options for a journey in europe app New riders get onboard the metabustripBus travel booking is moving into the digital age as David Crawford discovers. A global surge in demand for intercity bus travel is fuelling new initiatives to make it...
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge New Zealand seeks comprehensive CBA frameworkNew report highlights how assessing the financial benefit of deploying ITS is an involved and evolving calculation Following a global search, five key action areas have...
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