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  • ITS Interview Jack Dangermond avatar Smarter mapping makes for more informed decisionsFollowing his keynote presentation at the 2016 ITS World Congress in Melbourne, ITS International caught up with Esri founder Jack Dangermond. It is getting close to half a...
  • real-world testing on the camp avatar Texas A&M offer free campus transport testingFree evaluation and testing of transportation systems and products might seem too good to be true - but it isn't. Colin Sowman reports. Texas A&M University is offering to...
  • ITS In-vehicle V2If Connected offers free I2V connectivityA new system could reduce the cost of implementing I2V communications across a city to less than that for a single intersection, as Colin Sowman hears. It may seem too good...
  • In-camera processing Axis aids incident detection on French viaductFrance's first AID system has halved attendance time on the Calix Viaduct. TheCentre for Traffic Engineering and Management (CIGT) at Caen in northern France manages 367km of...
  • ITS Travel Information Xerox Mangaing parking Xerox considers smarter city solutionsRichard Harris from Xerox considers how to alleviate inner-city traffic congestion. Whether travelling for business or leisure, wasting unnecessary time during your journey...
  • Mexican emergency services await calls Speeding ambulances through bordersDavid Crawford sees hope for stricken patients on the wrong side of the border. In treating patients with heart or stroke conditions, speed is of the essence.
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