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  • Free Flow Tolling with ANPR Free flow tolling solutionItalian company Tattile has introduced an ANPR-based free flow tolling system. The all-in-one solution provides a detection rate of better than 99.5% and features two 5Mp...
  • Tagmaster new XT series reader for the US Market TagMaster reader for the US marketWhen TagMaster launched the new XT series readers and ID-tags addressing the EPC Gen 2 specification during 2010, they were well received in the European market with a number...
  • Central Weighing range of vehicle managment solutions Fleet and highway management, WIM, enforcementTwo Central Weighing Group companies are joining forces at Traffex this year to present a new range of vehicle management solutions. Central Weighing is an established market...
  • Jason Barnes Are road user charging systems too complicated?At any conference or exhibition, it tends to be the ad libs and asides, the departures from the scripted or official lines, which are the most telling. In mid-February,...
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