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19 July 2017

Kapsch to supply 6C tags for the E-470 Highway

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
The E-470 Public Highway Authority (E-470) in Colorado, US, has selected Kapsch TrafficCom (Kapsch) to supply 18000 ISO 6C toll tags, including both windshield and headlamp sticker tags, for use by its ExpressToll account holders.

The tags will accommodate the existing all-electronic Toll (AET) collection system in place on E-470’s 47 miles of roadway, as well as all other toll facilities in the state. Approximately 2.6 million tags are expected to be delivered by 2021 under the five-year agreement.

Drivers are currently tolled with hard-case, sticker tag or switchable transponders, as well as through a license plate toll billing system. The E-470 tags will be interoperable with all present and future toll facilities throughout Colorado.

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