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Classification & data collection


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  • Deutsche Telekom Data Highway ITS needs data highwaysTransport and traffic data is on the increase but there must be an integrated data highway to derive the maximum ITS benefits, argues Deutsche Telekom. From public transport...
  • Austrian tunnel avatar Jenoptik supplies sophisticated multi-section control projectEfficient speed enforcement in the most highly frequented tunnel in Austria on the A7 near Linz. The Bindermichl-Niedernhart tunnel complex on Austrian highway A7 connects...
  • Intercomp vice president Eric Peterson New technology is changing the Weigh In Motion landscapeExciting new weigh in motion solutions were showcased at Intertraffic. Guy Woodford reports For many years weigh-in-motion (WIM) has been used solely as a filtering mechanism...
  • commercial vehicle enforcement facility near Mountain Pass Weigh in motion helps Caltrans minimise road damageColin Sowman finds out why California is still expanding its already comprehensive weigh-in-motion (WIM) system. California has the most complete weigh-in-motion (WIM)...
  • Stonecutter's Bridge Wider uses for weigh in motion dataColin Sowman talks to Terry Bergan of International Road Dynamics about the latest uses of weigh-in-motion systems. Raising allowable truck weight limits improve transport...
  • working on a train Value of time the key deciderThe 'value of time' concept can be a vital decider in prioritising transport projects, as Lorenzo Casullo and Serbjeet Kohli of Steer Davies Gleave explain. How much do...
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