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  • commercial vehicle enforcement facility near Mountain Pass Weigh in motion helps Caltrans minimise road damageColin Sowman finds out why California is still expanding its already comprehensive weigh-in-motion (WIM) system. California has the most complete weigh-in-motion (WIM)...
  • Stonecutter's Bridge Wider uses for weigh in motion dataColin Sowman talks to Terry Bergan of International Road Dynamics about the latest uses of weigh-in-motion systems. Raising allowable truck weight limits improve transport...
  • working on a train Value of time the key deciderThe 'value of time' concept can be a vital decider in prioritising transport projects, as Lorenzo Casullo and Serbjeet Kohli of Steer Davies Gleave explain. How much do...
  • James Bielak avatar Bit by bit insurers agree data protocolTelematics technology may be a game changer for the automobile insurance industry but it comes with some caveats as Colin Sowman discovers. James Bielak, (P&C) program...
  • Todd Litman avatar Enlarged transportation data highlights wider issuesTodd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute in Canada makes the case for enlarged and improved transport-related data. Comprehensive, high quality data is useful,...
  • ITS SO P43 1 Avatar ANPR shockwaves emanate from Royston rulingColin Sowman looks at how a ruling regarding ANPR cameras in a small English town could have wide-reaching implications. Superficially it was an easy decision: the local...
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