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18 January 2018

The new multi-technology MACE Smart reader from Nedap reads virtual credentials on smartphones for faster and better access cont

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

Nedap Identification Systems has developed a new, multi-technology reader for mobile access control as part of its MACE suite of products. The MACE Smart reader “is able to read virtual credentials on smartphones” says Nedap, as well as “conventional smartcards.”

”We are committed to unlocking the potential of smartphones as identification technology in access control systems,” says Maarten Mijwaart, General Manager of Nedap Identification Systems. This “new reader is proof of this commitment. In addition, we are also releasing a renewed version of the MACE Admin Portal that is used to distribute and revoke virtual access control cards.”

“Also,” he adds, there is “an API for seamless integration with any access control system. It is our firm belief that these innovations will help our partners to realize future proof access control solutions for their clients, whether it is for buildings, parking facilities or events.”

Nedap has a variety of solutions for the ITS industry including a vehicle identification platform to help users “know who is driving and decide who gets access.” The system can identify both the vehicle and the driver at a distance of up to 10 meters. Nedap also offers a people identification system for “convenient hands-free building and parking access” which can “identify people based on smartphones, cards or tags.”

There are vehicle detection products using “wireless ground sensors detect the vehicle occupancy of individual parking bays in real-time” and vehicle access control systems capable of “controling vehicle access points and gates remotely, through a single management controller.”

When the company first introduced the MACE platform last year, Nedap says that it was “responding to the global shift of smartphone credentials (in) replacing physical cards. MACE readers support Bluetooth, NFC and QR-codes to identify people using virtual credentials, which are stored in a MACE app. MACE can be used in combination with any access control system or any other system that requires the swift identification of people, such as parking management systems or registration systems.”

The MACE Smart platform is a “mobile access control reader (that) supports Bluetooth, NFC and smartcards and is small enough to be mullion mounted. It has a slim design, which makes this mobile access control reader the perfect solution for doors that require a combination of security and convenience.

Nedap Identification Systems is part of Nedap NV, headquartered in the Netherlands, and it describes itself as a “leading specialist in systems for long range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control” offering “identification systems and mobility solutions that optimise, monitor and control traffic flow of vehicles and people.”

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