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Raytec launches next generation video surveillance illuminators

First publishedin ITS International
July August 2016

Raytec’s next generation range of illuminators for video surveillance, Vario2, uses Platinum Elite SMT LED technology to provide more power and greater illumination distances from a smaller platform than Raytec’s last-generation illuminators. 

Covering ultra-long distances Vario2 illuminators enable video surveillance cameras to capture highly detailed images at distances up to 500m (1640ft) from a single illuminator, offering more flexibility to meet challenging installation requirements from both infra-red and white light illuminators.
Vario2 features an interchangeable lens system with hot-spot reduction technology (HRT), designed to ensure perfect lighting alignment and the most even distribution throughout the whole scene at all times.

Illuminators can be quickly and easily set up from ground level via a hand held remote control, or can be manually programmed when remote operation is not possible. Additionally, Vario2 offers PIN code authentication to protect access to the settings, and both the remote control and manual programming inputs can be disabled.

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