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  • Ekin Technology's Smart Patrol Bike Making enforcement multi-functionalNew enforcement equipment is coming onto the market apace, as Colin Sowman discovers. If there is one word that epitomises the current trend in enforcement technology then...
  • Dubai Speeding Enforcement comes in many guisesColin Sowman looks at some enforcement case studies from around the world. It is a sad fact of life that unenforced laws are not adhered to by a sometimes sizable proportion...
  •  Lorry on Highway On a WIM a global view of weigh in motionQ-Free's Andrew Lees looks at regional characteristics and technology trends in the global Weigh-In-Motion market. The principles of Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) are well...
  • ITS Nafta Parking enforcement in Amsterdam Amsterdam reaps the reward of digitised parkingAmsterdam had taken the final step in digitising parking and parking enforcement and the move is paying dividends. It was almost a decade ago that the City of Amsterdam...
  • Enforcement Using technology to deliver diagram Roadside monitoring used to target non-compliant trucksThe UK's DVSA is utilising existing technology to identify non-compliant commercial vehicles and target repeat offenders while avoiding law-abiding companies. Enforcing the...
  • red-X signage is used on motorways avatar Technology targets Red-X transgressorsCurrently deployed technology is being used to detect motorists ignoring the 'red-X' signs that indicate the lane is closed, as Colin Sowman hears. With an increasing network...
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