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  • Average speed cameras are changing driver behaviour RAC survey shows big safety gains with average speed enforcementCheaper and easier communications are providing authorities with new options for influencing driver behaviour. Colin Sowman reports. It's official; Average speed cameras...
  • Text driving New solutions for catching texting driversMany countries have laws prohibiting texting while driving but enforcement is proving difficult David Crawford looks at some new approaches being tried by authorities. ...
  • ITS Enforcement Fitting alcohol interlocks avatar Alcohol interlocks aid drink drive adherenceThe use of alcohol interlocks to prevent drink driving and change driver behaviour is gaining ground around the world but needs greater buy-in from authorities as Colin...
  • ITS NAFTA Enforcement ATS red light camera avatar Building the case for photo enforcementAs red light enforcement is returning to some intersections and being shut down at others, new evidence has been released backing the safety campaigners, reports Jon Masters....
  • Chinese president Xi Jinping New system expedites border crossingsEnforcing border controls can create long queues for travellers, David Crawford looks at potential solutions. Long delays at border crossings in both North America and Europe...
  • Ekin Technology's Smart Patrol Bike Making enforcement multi-functionalNew enforcement equipment is coming onto the market apace, as Colin Sowman discovers. If there is one word that epitomises the current trend in enforcement technology then...
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