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  • A multi-vehicle pileup. Tennesse patrol avatar CRASH Predicts 'unpredictable' in traffic incidentsRoad crashes are not as random as they may appear and analysing data can reveal patterns that can help various authorities target their resources more accurately. David...
  • Itentifying and classifying all classes of assets Virtual surveying boosts efficiency in Utah DOTOverlaying a geographic information system with data from a new surveying system is paying dividends for Utah DOT. While building new roads tramways, metros and bicycle paths...
  • EGNOS GPS accuracy reliability Galileo Additional accuracy enhances ITS optionsHigh accuracy and reliability of GNSS location data is available using the EGNOS services to be ready for Galileo's expanding satellite constellation. Global navigation...
  • West-bound congestion on the Cross Bronx Expressway avatar Bronx benefits from mesoscopic-microscopic modellingMichael Marsico, Andrew Weeks, Keir Opie and Murat Ayçin explain the application of hybrid traffic simulation to a planning study in New York City. Traffic modelling,...
  • Southbound traffic FTE signature gantry ITS asset management mattersMaintenance of on-road ITS kit needs to become more sophisticated; while new technologies can deliver better road maintenance. David Crawford investigates both sides of the...
  • San Diego ICM Project avatar Developing integrated transport networksA major initiative in managing numerous transport networks as a single system has moved into a significant phase with design of sophisticated new ITS systems. Jon Masters...
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