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16 February 2018

Roamworks forms partnership on IoT connectivity for remote assets

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider Roamworks has formed a partnership in the Middle East with connectivity experts Aeris to provide its clients with a service for tracking assets in rural and remote locations. The solution, available to the transport and other industries, will help to increase efficiency and productivity, cut costs, increase safety and gain insights into business operations, according to Mohsen Mohseninia, Aeris' vice president for Europe.

Aeris will utilise its IoT services platform for the connection of the service and plans to expand the partnership globally.

Mohammad Daudi, director of global sales & marketing, Roamworks, said: "We pride ourselves on providing the very best end-to-end IoT solutions to our clients. We allow businesses and organisations to track and monitor their assets in real-time. These assets, by their very nature, are often moved from one location to another, often across borders or into rural areas, areas which can be notoriously difficult when it comes to IoT connection. We therefore need to ensure that our solutions are backed by reliable IoT connectivity, no matter where in the world they are deployed. Aeris' expertise in this area allows us to achieve this, and helps set us apart from competitors in the region and globally."

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