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Inrix mobile app provides real time travel , route information

First publishedin ITS International
May June 2016
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Mobile app guesswork out of navigation
Mobile app takes the guesswork out of navigation

The new Inrix Traffic mobile app uses machine learning to predict and personalise the user’s routes, destinations and alerts, adding favourite places automatically. Based on learned activities, it creates a daily, driver-specific itinerary of anticipated trips, as well as frequent and preferred routes.

By accessing calendar information on a mobile device, the app also adds events with addresses to the daily driving itinerary.

Inrix Traffic uses crowd-sourced network of over 275 million connected cars and devices to offer accurate map and real-time information; it proactively monitors road conditions to alert drivers of ideal departure times, changes to arrival times and optimal routes to frequent or scheduled destinations based on real-time traffic.

Available in eight languages in 16 countries across North America and Europe, with additional countries coming soon, Inrix Traffic is available worldwide now in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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