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Parking & access control


  • ITS Products EMX Ultraloop Avatar Differentiating between cars that stop and those that don'tThe addition of Detect on Stop (DOS) technology to EMX's Ultraloop range of vehicle detectors, means the system only triggers when a vehicle stops for at least one second...
  • WPS Park Advance New generation of pay-on-foot parking technologyDesigned with some of the most challenging parking environments in mind, especially shopping centres and transport hubs, the WPS ParkAdvance system is built around a new...
  • ITS Default Products Avatar Slimline secure access controlSecure entrance control specialist Automatic Systems has expanded its range of pedestrian access SlimLane speed gates with the new SlimLane SC (short cabinet) which has a...
  • Tinynode's wireless car parking detectors Tinynode turns to car parking systemsBased on experience gained from its truck detection systems, Swiss company Tinynode has launched a wireless car parking detector, which can be used for off-street parking and...
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