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Parking & access control


  • econolite avatar Autoscope Duo unveiledEconolite and Image Sensing Systems have unveiled Autoscope Duo, a first in a new generation of hybrid sensor technologies. The device converges the robust capabilities of...
  • New traffic data collection New Traffic Data Collection and Comms DeviceSmart Signal Technologies has launched what it claims is a remarkable new product that will save taxpayers millions of dollars annually as it improves traffic signal...
  • Mobile payment terminal avatar Mobile payment terminaliDynamoEMV, introduced by MagTek, is a secure EMV Chip + PIN mobile payment device that turns a smart phone or tablet into a secure mobile payment system. Certified to the...
  • ITS Default Products Avatar Pedestrian/cyclist warning sensorFollowing extensive trials, Brigade Electronics has unveiled the new generation Sidescan, a four sensor ultrasonic detector system fitted along the side of trucks or buses to...
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