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Parking & access control


  • Traffic Technology iSight CSS Cycle detection in mixed trafficTraffic Technology is launching the iSight CSS (Cycle Safety System), which detects cyclists in mixed traffic to provide advance warning to motorists of the cyclist's...
  • RFID Mobile Phone Sticker RFID mobile phone stickerKSW Microtec, a leading supplier of RFID components and inlays for secure cards and eDocuments, has added a new innovation to its product portfolio, a smart Mobile Phone...
  • ITS Default Products Avatar Complete transportation frameworkAftek, which is headquartered in Mumbai, India, has announced that it is now offering various transportation services under one complete framework, known as Aftek...
  • MJ 10 P71 2 avatar Orion XBit for smaller car parksThe newly launched Zeag Orion Xbit is designed for smaller enterprises (up to 100 spaces) with a need for a simple but professional car parking solution but who don't require...
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