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  • Deeply rural Idaho  travel information Bespoke ITS is helping to reduced collisions on America's rural roadsDavid Crawford cherrypicks conference and award highlights Almost 30% of all US citizens live in rural areas or very small communities, and 34 of the 50 states exceed this...
  • Vehicle-mounted MARWIS Lufft's MARWIS moves weatherA mobile road weather sensor is providing authorities with new options for monitoring road conditions and winter maintenance operations. Road and traffic engineers know the...
  • visual and audiable warnings of adverse road conditions Keeping a weather eye on road conditionsDrive C2X has shown that advanced warning of poor road conditions could cut fatalities, as David Crawford explains. Connected vehicle (CV)-based warning technologies could...
  • Dr Ben Ali App Pile-up prompts Gulf States to counter fog menaceDavid Crawford investigates a promising development to counter the problem of fog in the Gulf States. Despite being a largely desert area with low rainfall, fog is a major...
  • Idaho RWIS site at Highland Valley Summit Idaho adds human dimension to winter savingsIdaho leverages the increased capability and reliability of its road weather sensor network to reduce costs and prevent accidents. Weather-related accidents can form a...
  • Sochi utilised highways and railiways for  Winter Olympic Games  Olympic challenges in SochiSporting events always create problems for traffic planners and none more so than the Winter Olympics. It is difficult to think of more diametrically opposite challenges for...
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