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22 November 2017

iGirouette installs 15 digital signage systems in Lyon, France

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

Igirouette has partnered with the City of Lyon to install 15 of its connected and rotating smart signage devices to provide urban environment navigation as well as improve the flow of people and transport in France's first WWF-labelled eco-district, Lyon

Initially, iGirouette will display general information: sports and cultural events, distances (e.g. to the Confluence museum or Perrache train station), directions to the Youth Centre and exhibition spaces. There are also plans, via open data, for the system to provide parking space availability, or bus and train schedules.

The system consists of a mast with two arrows which can rotate 360 degrees and interact with individuals, providing directions and as well as the time and distance to a specific event or place, through text and still or animated images.

Messages can be programmed using secure servers and displayed on an iGirouette or a whole network of devices. The information is disseminated in real time and can relate to a city, an event, a shopping centre, a business park, a transport network, an exhibition or leisure centre.

Igirouette can also interact with users who connected through the mobile app, by guiding them toward events.

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