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Urban Traffic Control


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  • Intelligent transport systems important role for europe EU aims to turn ITS theory into practiceGareth Horton explains how the European Commission's Transport Research and Innovation Portal can help expedite research and turn theory into practice. Over the next few...
  • The Minnesota Traffic Observatory’ Smartphones smooth the journey for visually impairedMoves to make life easier and safer for vulnerable and impaired road users are gaining strength on both sides of the Atlantic. A recent webcast by the US Roadway Safety...
  • ITS UTC Public information about mobility avatar ITS innovations a change for the better?Josef Czako takes a look at what the future developments may hold for both the transport sector and society. As the dust of the 2015 World Congress in Bordeaux settles, we...
  • ITS Interview Ken Philmus Avatar Silos are last century's thinkingAfter 45 years in transportation, Ken Philmus sees the need for major change in a sector currently ill-prepared to meet the challenge of funding and rapidly advancing...
  • Rungis, the world's largest fresh produce market Inland waterways can de-stress city roadsDavid Crawford looks at an under-utilised solution for city-centre deliveries. The use of rivers and canals for moving freight is a well-established mode in North Western...
  • GLONASS system Moscow planning improvements to city's ITS systemBuoyed by the success of its recent ITS introductions, the authorities in Moscow are planning additions to the system as Eugene Gerden discovered. The government of Russia's...
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