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23 January 2018

Directed acquires Alcohol Detection Systems to expand its business

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
Security and control telematics company Directed will now maintain Alcohol Detection Systems’ (ADS’) Determintaor product line as part of an acquisition to expand their ignition interlock devices (IIIDs) business. The solution is designed to ensure that the driver must pass a breathalyser test before starting their car.

Users have IIIDs installed in their vehicles during remediation programs which are recalibrated on a regular basis and then uninstalled once the program is completed.

Bob Struble, Directed CEO, said: "Ignition interlock devices really do save lives, and the growth of the IID market has been driven by the major benefit they provide to society. Directed and ADS share core technology, and we are confident that by bringing our leading product design, technical service, and distribution capabilities to the IID market, we will rapidly expand ADS's business. IIDs are primarily installed by mobile electronics retailers and auto service shops, and we are excited to bring this new business opportunity to our longstanding partners."

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