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Barco launces new platform for the LCD video wall market

First publishedin ITS International
2017 November December

Barco Unisee is an LCD video wall with a single uniform view designed to provide faster installation, easier servicing and increased reliability. It has been designed for control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centres, brand showrooms and meeting rooms.

The bezel-less LCD video wall offers an uninterrupted viewing experience as well as higher colour and brightness uniformity both inside the display and over the entire wall. In addition, its new mounting structure eases installation, servicing, and upgrading.

The NoGap technology reduces the visual impact of the inter-tile gap, enabling users to spread content over multiple video wall tiles without the disturbance of a bezel.

Sense X − Barco’s automatic, colour and brightness calibration system – aims to ensure that the complete wall produces a balanced image at all times.

UniSee Connect, the software platform, assigns and calibrates the panels and acts as the single point of connection for remote diagnostics and control.

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