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27 October 2014



Connected Commerce points to tomorrow

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CARTES 2014 Preview Connected Commerce Area

How are we going to shop tomorrow? The answers will be found in the CARTES Connected Commerce Area, where the bright future of retail and payment technologies will be on

show. A new addition to CARTES, the dedicated exhibition is designed to help answer questions about the future direction of the sector in this vital and lucrative area of business. Retail and payment are both going through a revolution thanks to new technologies, solutions and approaches which in turn are transforming the customer experience. Technologies that seemed like science fiction only a few years ago - such as connected glasses, augmented reality, contactless payment, beacons, mobile payment based on biometry, digital shop windows, virtual currencies, intelligent cars equipped with personal shopping assistants - are all now realities.

They promise to transform the way we shop and pay - but just how will today’s hyper-connected consumers want to have their evolving needs served? And exactly how should companies in payment, retail and mobility rise to the challenge? These are the key questions, and visitors to CARTES will be able to see the outlines of this future emerge by experiencing some of the most exciting technologies first-hand.

The dedicated 200m² CARTES Connected Commerce area will house 11 specialised companies which are a mixture of leaders in their field and new entrants in the market. They include Wincor Nixdorf, Ingenico Group, retail proximity expert Think & Go, bitcoin wallet pioneer Ledger, Global POS, contactless mobile services provider Connecthings, loyalty business Adelya and mobile shopping business AIRTAG.

• For more information go to: www.cartes.com/CARTES-2014/Connected-Commerce-Area

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