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05 November 2014



Nuco goes green with stone Nu eCard

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Nuco International NueCard
Nuco International will launch Nu eCard at CARTES

Nuco International will launch Nu eCard, a card made of stone at CARTES, which it says outperforms traditional plastic cards and could cut landfill and other environmental impacts.

The card combines high volumes of limestone/chalk and low levels of HDPE that the company claims looks and feels identical to traditional PVC plastic cards - without compromising performance or cost. The company says Nu eCard had outperformed PVC plastic cards during production, lamination and printing, making it suitable for gift and loyalty cards and earning endorsement from card manufacturers in Europe. It adds that Nu eCard was no more expensive than existing plastic substrates and, depending on the volume, could offer cost savings. Its chief environmental benefit is that it is made largely of waste material that is non-toxic, recyclable and reusable. The UK’s National Trust charity has already opted to switch its membership Cards to Nu eCard in 2014-15, with a production run of over five million cards. “As a charity which cares passionately about the environment, we wanted to source a sustainable, innovative supplier for our membership cards. Nuco International’s Nu eCard product fits our needs perfectly,” explained Graham Prichard, print and production manager at National Trust.

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