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05 November 2014



Unitronic serves up smart hospitality solutions

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Unitronic e-Hospitality
Donald Gan, Unitronic

Restaurants, bars and cafes will be able to speed order times and improve customer service with the help of two new products from Singapore-based Unitronic. The company unveiled its eMenu and eWaiter products, which bring digital innovation to the front and back of house. The e-Waiter solution is a tablet-based table-top or wall-mounted system enabling customers to select their food and drink orders and send them to the kitchen or bar for preparation. They can track the status of their order, add requests or summon waiting staff over to the table. Restaurants can also modify the system to include specials, promotional items and to cross-sell. The eWaiter is a mobile phone-based solution which is particularly well-suited to al fresco settings. It enables service staff members to take an order on a mobile handset and send it wirelessly to the bar for preparation. It then issues a prompt when the order is ready to take to the table. On returning with the order, servers are able to take payment wirelessly as well. Unitronic has also launched a ‘closed loop’ debit card and loyalty card solution. The NRL- and RFID-ready system enables merchants to offer customers e-wallets, storing value securely. They can be loaded with extra credits and used as gift cards or as part of loyalty schemes.

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