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04 November 2014



Verifone and PayPal point way to retail’s connected future at CARTES

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retail connected future

The emerging mobile shopping trends and technologies of the near future will be on show in the dedicated Connected Commerce Area at this year’s CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS.

Eleven hardware, service and payment solutions pioneers will offer hands-on demonstrations of emerging shopping solutions, says Angelo Caci, ADN’Co deputy director. “Visitors will be able to see and try the new products, solutions and services that are likely to define the industry. They will be able to see the beacon solution where you can receive notifications and messages when you are close to a shopping area and to experience digital screens with augmented reality.”

They will also see the old- fashioned cash register being replaced by smart phones or tablets, he goes on. “We will have mobile payment solutions with different kinds of technology and additional services on show like technologies for managing loyalty solutions,” Caci adds.

The Connected Commerce Area will also complement the conference sessions that Caci is chairing today, featuring talks and case studies on major retail and payment trends, and including speakers from PICOM, Verifone, mPOS startup SumUp and PayPal. These will help answer key questions such as: who has the relationship with the client? “It might be the financial services provider, it might be the retailer, it might be a web giant or mobile net operator or a handset manufacturer,” says Caci. “There are many pretenders looking to own payments.”

Payment solutions are important but you also need something more to bring to consumers and to merchants, he insists. “Consumers need a good customer experience and everyone wants to add new functionalities, features and services beyond payments.

Merchants are not only expecting financial services from a bank, ideally they want added services, they want you to bring additional traffic or to offer analytics and CRM tools,” he says. Success for retailers, meanwhile, will lie in mastering multi-channel and multi- device retail. “It means many interactions and transaction and much data. Who is able to collect and master that data and turn it into value? We won’t have answers to every question but we will have occasion to illustrate what it’s possible to do,” concludes Caci.

Connected Commerce Area, Hall 4

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