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Fully scaleable integrated ITS system

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CA Traffic mini ITS’ system
CA Traffic, a leading supplier of traffic monitoring equipment to municipalities and local authorities worldwide, will use Intertraffic 2012 to highlight its ‘mini ITS’ system. The company’s Catalyst Instation will be demonstrated collecting data from and controlling a range of CA Traffic equipment. This will include a Black Cat traffic monitoring system, EV08 UTMC and NAAS compliant ANPR camera, and Techspan Systems VMS and car parking signs. The result is a fully scaleable system or systems that CA Traffic states meet the needs of all users, from the most basic data collection to integration with VMS, ANPR and ITS systems to provide car park monitoring, queue length monitoring, traffic monitoring and control, ANPR data, journey time monitoring, as well as speed and weigh-in-motion enforcement, or any combination. Data from the systems can be fed into multiple back offices to enable cost-effective resource sharing.

Stand: 10.501

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