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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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25 March 2014



Cream of the crop in contention for Innovation Award

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Day 1
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innovation awards
Smart and innovative thinking is again about to be awarded - Intertraffic 2014
Smart and innovative thinking is again about to be awarded here at Intertraffic Amsterdam, the world’s largest and best attended trade fair for the infrastructure, ITS traffic management, safety, parking, and Smart mobility sectors. A total of 15 products have won through to the shortlist for the most innovative exhibits at the event.

The official opening of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 takes place this morning from 08.30 to 09.30 at the Innovation Lab in the Elicium room where the winners of the Intertraffic Innovation Awards will also be announced.

Here are all the finalists that the category winners, and the overall winner, will be chosen from.


AGMI Area Lighting
AGMI Traffic & Lighting,
The Netherlands

The AGMI Area Lighting system can be used in many different applications by changing the lens photometry that is located on the modules. One of the main advantages is that the lumen output of each individual module can be controlled separately. The modules are fixed in a flexible situation so that each of them can be adjusted individually in the X or Y direction. The result is that the LED light can be aimed exactly where it is needed.

Stand 11.108

Magnelis and High Strength Low Alloy Steel
ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe, Luxembourg

Magnelis, a zinc aluminium magnesium metallic coating, combined with high strength low alloy steel, supports manufacturers in their design of EN 1317 compliant road equipment and enhances safety on roads. This steel combination is lighter, it better absorbs crash energy, and ensures 10 times longer durability, improving the environmental performance of road equipment.

Stand 05.328

Dresden Elektronik
Verkehrstechnik, Germany

deZign, an innovation in the field of electronic passenger information systems, is a maintenance-free display based on electronic ink (EInk) technology. It requires no energy while displaying fixed content. Only the data update needs minimal energy which can be provided by a solar panel. The timetable change is done at the push of a button from a central location.

Stand 11.718


Imtech Traffic & Infra, The Netherlands
ImCity is the heart of a Smart City, connecting everything together. Its strategy manager turns data into action by making policy-aligned decisions. The user interface presents the current status, acting as a ‘dashboard’ to the policies’ effectiveness and showing impacts of trade-offs made. Integrating data also enables new added value solutions to emerge, further supporting a city’s policies.

Stand 10.101

Iteris, USA
The SmartCycle software upgrade to the entire Vantage family discriminately detects bicycles anywhere in a VIDS’ field of view while simultaneously providing “regular” detection of all other vehicles in the same unit. The separate bike-only detection output enables enhanced safety for cyclists and signalised intersection efficiency - longer passage times are granted only when a bike is detected.

Stand 11.328

Solar Temporary Traffic Light
Trafic Technologie Systeme, France

The Solar Tempo Traffic Light, which TTS says is the only temporary traffic
light to integrate a waiting time display, is visible up to 40 metres. The time display reduces impatient behaviour on the road. Flexible and easy to use, Tempo Traffic Light offers the ability to manage junctions for all road configurations, and uses renewable energy with its solar panel and charge regulator.

Stand 05.218A


Cidro, Spain

The first safety protector in the world designed for mitigating impacts of passenger cars and motorcyclists against road culvert ends. This protector has been tested in an accredited crash test laboratory, using the same impact test acceptance criteria as the one used for road safety barriers in the standards EN 1317-2 and TS 1317-8.

Stand 05.442

Sistemas Palazón safety mounting
Sistemas Palazón, Spain

The product consists of a metal box installed under urban equipment, such as streetlamps, pillars, and signposts. In the event of an impact from a vehicle, the equipment will release very easily so damage to the bodywork will be minimised, as will injuries and human losses.

Stand 01.306

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Innovation Awards collage of products
SaveCAP airbag
TNO, The Netherlands

SaveCAP airbag is a proof of concept of a windscreen airbag and automatic braking system, designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians in a collision with a vehicle. Key to the innovation is an advanced sensing system to detect and recognise cyclists and pedestrians. The SaveCAP project acts as a catalyst to create public and industry awareness for cyclist and pedestrian safety.
Stand 09.106B


Edesix, UK

VideoBadge2 is the new professional body-worn system that captures high quality video and audio recordings, with built-in encryption for data security and evidence integrity. It boasts full shift recording capability in both daylight and low-light conditions as well as features such as a 150° wide angle lens, pre-record function, and forward facing activation switch to ensure total incident capture.

Stand 03.422

Parking Space Classifier
SCANaCAR, The Netherlands

The SCANaCAR Parking Space Classifier recognises and classifies empty parking spaces. This opens the way to mapping out parking areas and informing drivers and navigation systems about available parking spaces. It also enables efficient enforcement of illegal parking, for instance in loading bays or disabled places.

Stand 03.228

Skidata, Austria

The Barrier.Gate, an intelligent barrier system, is an inexpensive solution for long-term parking facilities because it combines column and barrier in one product. Less consumption of energy and space are among its sustainable benefits. The barrier communicates via light signals of the integrated track light, while the built-in camera helps to prevent vandalism and unauthorised entry through a closing barrier.

Stand 09.101


B-Riders Brabant
DTV Consultants, The Netherlands

B-Riders (www.b-riders.nl) is the first project ever to closely follow a large group of bike users (2,500 participants) over a long period of time – one year. A highly innovative bike tracking system was developed, and implemented, featuring an app that automatically registers all trips 24/7. The system then autonomously analyses trips and assigns them into categories - foot, car, public transport or bike.

Stand 09.105

HR Groep Traffic & Signing, The Netherlands

BMS Bicycle Management System is the new way of cycle parking designed to provide a solution for many city councils to get their city centres neat and clean and encourage bicycle use. The system incorporates a mobile app that enables a cyclist to easily find a free bike parking place at their destination on a smartphone.

Stand 04.306

CopTrax In-Car Video
Stalker Radar, USA

CopTrax In-car video is a software solution integrated with Google Glass and Stalker Radar. With no bulky DVR, the CopTrax software solution uses the patrol vehicle’s laptop to record and stream video through 3G/4G or WiFi for Cloud storage or department’s servers. A command and control centre, accessible from any internet connected computer, displays device locations, search, and playback with GPS tracking data.

Stand 04.428
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