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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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26 March 2014



Lacroix Trafic launches Geronimo system

First publishedIntertraffic
Daily News
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Lacroix Stev Collins  - Geronimo system
Steve Collins from Lacroix with the Geronimo system
France-headquartered Lacroix Trafic is here at Intertraffic to launch the latest in its line of Alumix products – the Geronimo traffic signal totem pole.

Using high emitting flux LEDS to ensure very low power consumption and controlled maintenance costs, the new totem is an energy performance asset. Manufactured using single aluminium profile housing, the company says the elegance of its totem traffic signal pole fits nicely into all types of city and architectural environments, while providing excellent visibility to drivers.

Like all products in the Alumix range, Geronimo is thoughtfully designed, ecological and practical, to fit into all urban landscapes. Moreover, Lacroix points out that its range of products can be fully customised and adapted to the colour environment of a city.

Lacroix Trafic says the eco-designed Alumix range of products ensures long life through the use of robust materials and state-of-the-art technologies. The complete range of signals includes high flux light emitting diodes and the products are compatible with a wide range of voltages, including low or very low voltage.

The entire range is also compatible with the Lacroix ‘Traffy’ traffic light controller, but can also be used with other controllers.

“The sense of innovation, proven technology and the fruit of a huge amount of experience, enables our company to offer highly efficient and certified EC products that respond to higher technical requirements,” says Steve Collins, export sales director of Lacroix Trafic.
Stand: 11.609
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