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ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
ITS International World Highways Intertraffic Amsterdam
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26 March 2014



Siemens shows new Sitraffic sX at Intertraffic

First publishedIntertraffic
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Wilke Reints Sitraffic sX Siemens
Wilke Reints of Siemens with the Sitraffic sX
A ‘game changer’ has been unveiled on the Siemens stand in the form of the Sitraffic sX, a new generation traffic lights and detectors controller, which can be updated remotely from internet enabled devices without interrupting normal operation. This enables the system to be remotely controlled and managed in real-time using devices such as a tablet while still ensuring intersection safety and reducing downtime.

To achieve this, Siemens has included an additional real-time processor which can take over control of a set of traffic lights if required. As a result ‘lights out’ situations are prevented and remote maintenance can be carried out without shutting the system down.

“This controller never switches off,” said Wilke Reints, head of development for ITS Systems at Siemens at the unveiling on the opening day of Intertraffic.
The company also highlighted a feature coined as ‘retrograde updatability’ which in-effect, means there is no need to switch off the controller to do either software or hardware updates. In addition, Sitraffic sX controllers installed today are able to be continually updated including changes necessary to accommodate C2X functions.

Sitraffic sX generation controllers are internationally compatible, extendable by adding new modules and can be deployed as a stand-alone device or for coordinated traffic control systems. Installed with minimal cabling the system can be extended to control up to 64 signal groups and 250 detectors while a new low-power 230V lamp switch (for LED signal heads up to 5W) aids energy efficiency and meets SIL 3 safety standards.

Sitraffic sX is part of the web-based and scalable Sitraffic family which allows even small towns to implement efficient traffic control. Alternatively, small towns without their own control centre can use the web-based Sitraffic smartGuard traffic control centre, which is now TÜV safety certificated.
Stand: 11.209
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