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MG Squared flirts with thermal technology

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Skip Maners and Martin Maners MG Squared
Shep Maners (Left) and Martin A Maners III on the MG Squared stand
FLIR, a world leader in thermal imaging has teamed up with MG Squared, a world leader in CCTV lowering system technology, to introduce the first network-enabled outdoor dome thermal camera completely compatible with an individual lowering device.

The D-Series from Flir combines a thermal imager with a day/night 36x zoom colour CCD camera which eliminate previous viewing and analytic problems caused by sun glare, shadows, wet streets, snow and fog.

Pairing the D-Series with the MG Squared Lowering System and its exclusive ruggedised contact connector configurations enable interface and mounting at any height or location without sacrificing performance or maintainability. While the D-Series conquers darkness and weather, the lowering system ensures maintenance staff have the quickest and safest access to the camera for routine maintenance from heights up to 200 feet.

Whether thermal imaging cameras are ushering in a paradigm shift in the way we will view traffic in the future or it will simply serve a niche in the ITS market on a case by case basis, be sure to check out the MG Squared Lowering Device and the Flir D-Series camera and see what you have yet to see.

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