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Moxa plays it big

The desire to retrieve images from more and more locations means that IP video networks’ geographic coverage is growing all the time. In parallel, those same networks are becoming more densely populated with cameras. Although the individual cameras may only take 3Mb/s of bandwidth at average resolutions and frame rates, their cumulative effect is pushing jurisdictions towards the use of Gigabit Ethernet.

In fact, DOTs with larger (250-300) networks of cameras have already made the leap to 10Gb backbone networks and Moxa’s new ICS-7828 and ICS-7852 industrial core switches address this need for larger networks without the need to mix vendors.

“The new switches allow the owners and users of larger networks to connect with the edges of their networks without the need to mix vendors,” says Jim Toepper, Moxa’s Product Manager for Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure.

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