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24 October 2012

IRD demonstrates integrated systems including WIM@Toll

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 2
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Terry Bergan, Randy Hanson and Roberto Santos
Terry Bergan, Randy Hanson and Roberto Santos, with the 'one source, multi-solution' integrator.
Canada-headquartered International Road Dynamics (IRD) is here in Vienna to present integrated ITS solutions that make highways more efficient. The company is showcasing products, software, and fully integrated systems for automated truck weigh stations using high-speed and low speed weigh-in-motion (WIM), automated toll collection and audit systems, highway traffic management systems (HTMS), advanced traffic data collection, security and access control, and fleet management using GPS.

As IRD points out, it brings together WIM, machine vision, automatic vehicle identification, and communications technologies to be a ‘one source, multi-solution’ integrator, and claims to be the world’s largest supplier of integrated WIM systems.

“IRD’s unique offering of WIM@Toll integrates weigh-in-motion and traffic data collection, enabling toll operators to collect and audit toll collection for trucks by weight, while providing information on the performance of the toll system and highway,” says Terry Bergan, IRD president and CEO. “Not only does WIM@Toll allow toll operators to recoup the costs from damage caused by heavy commercial vehicles, it also provides information to plan future maintenance and service activities.”

A key component of WIM@Toll and many other IRD systems is the iSINC (Intelligent Sensor Interface and Network Controller). A roadside controller with hardened electronics that IRD developed for use in ITS applications, iSINC is used in systems such as virtual weigh stations, automated truck weigh stations, border security, credential screening, electronic toll collection (ETC) and highway traffic management systems (HTMS).

The company says that iSINC is the perfect controller for IRD’s high-accuracy WIM scales and sensors, and its modular design provides compatibility with a wide range of complementary sensors, cameras, networks and message signs.

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