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23 October 2012

ISS Europe and CitySync showcase Jet-Aludra intelligent ANPR camera

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 1
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Danny Malone
Danny Malone of City-Sync demonstrates the Jet-Aludra solution
Image Sensing Systems Europe and CitySync, specialists in detection and ANPR solutions for the ITS market, have used the ITS World Congress to showcase the Jet-Aludra which incorporates an IR ANPR camera, colour overview camera and an on-board processor.

This cost effective Intelligent ANPR camera processes images at the time of capture, so smaller packets of information can be transferred via wireless 3G or wired connections to a central server for review or directly to a police back office facility, matching against hotlists in real-time.

"The Aludra HD is the culmination of years of real world experience and international collaboration both within the ISS Group and with our partners,” says CitySync’s Danny Malone.

“It offers true multiple lane coverage and highly accurate ANPR without the need for roadside PCs, or bandwidth-hungry video streaming. The accuracy, reliability and feature-rich software, which are synonymous with the CitySync product family, are not compromised by the on-board processing and the product delivers functionality in an eye-catching, lightweight and low powered housing”

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