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25 October 2012

NEC ready for roll-out of widespread C2X deployments

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 3
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Hideyasu UNO and Michihiko Yusa
Strong communication message: Hideyasu UNO and Michihiko Yusa.
Developments are hotting up in the world of C2X communication between vehicles and infrastructure, and NEC is ready with technology developed for when these and other new systems of ITS are deployed. This is the company that built and operates Japan’s NEXCO Central national traffic control centre and installed the cameras and sensors covering 2000km of Japanese roads (a system that delegates can observe at next year’s ITS World Congress in Tokyo).

The latest components NEC has ready for deployment include cameras and image processing for high-occupancy vehicle monitoring – technology that is planned for roll-out in Japan for tolling and other uses over coming years. NEC’s new components of traffic monitoring include ‘far-infra-red’ cameras, which give accurate images to a range of 150m in poor weather and light conditions, and are said to present a very cost effective solution because one far-infra-red camera can replace a number of inductive loops.

NEC has technology developed as a leading supplier to the various projects and consortia working on C2X communications. The company’s mature C2X prototype has been used in the EU projects InterSafe2, eCoMove and DriveC2X. The last of these has made significant progress in recent months, leading to announcement of a 2015 target for roll-out and signing of an MoU between partners of the Car2Car Consortium pledging cooperation on development of a common platform for interoperable communications.

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