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24 October 2012

Q-Free unveils QPoint positioning technology during ITS World Congress 2012

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 2
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Jenny Simonsen
Q-Free marketing manager Jenny Simonsen underlines the company's recent successes.
Q-Free‘s message at this World Congress centres around its global strength and capabilities, underpinned by advanced technology, such as the QPoint positioning technology, which is being unveiled here in Vienna.

It’s less than a month since the company was awarded a contract for the design, supply and installation of an electronic tolling system for the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, just a few months after Brisbane Airport Corporation in Australia appointed Q-Free to design and construct an electronic access fee collection system for taxis and ground transportation operators, similar to the DSRC-based system already deployed at Sydney Airport Corporation by Q-Free.

Another recent large contract was for the delivery of the congestion charging infrastructure for the Swedish city of Gothenburg which includes road side equipment, infrastructure and service and maintenance and Q-Free also recently won two AutoPASS contracts in Norway to design, deliver and install two fully automated tolling systems. In France, Portugal, and Spain the company received major toll tag (OBU) orders in the last few months from Vinci, Via Verdi, and Abertis respectively. Meanwhile, in the Far East, Q-Free is developing an innovative electronic law enforcement (ELE) system based on the company’s latest tolling technology.

Technical innovation is central to Q-Free’s global success and a good example is the QPoint positioning technology which is used in the company’s single gantry offering. The imaging system contains an overview tracking camera in addition to the ANPR camera. The tracking camera can follow the position of each vehicle position accurately through the whole tolling zone.

In addition to the camera tracking the DSRC transceivers utilises QPoint positioning technology which pinpoints the position of the OBU with centimetre precision within the vehicle. Knowing the track of the vehicle through the tolling zone while at the same time knowing the exact position of the OBU combined with position and time for the ANPR image enables the highest accuracy and reliable passage record data obtainable in the industry.

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