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10 September 2014



Delphi asks college students to envision the Vehicle of the Future

First publishedin ITS World Congress
Daily News
Day 3
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Delphi students
Dreaming of the future: The students visualised their ideas

At the ITS World Congress, Delphi asked college students to envision the vehicle of the future, and they got some surprising results from the young minds of America.

Delphi worked with Square One Education Network – the organisation collaborating with ITS America for the Youth Connections Showcase – to bring the students to the Delphi booth on Monday and Tuesday, for interviews. Videos of the students are posted on Delphi’s YouTube channel.

In addition, an artist translated each student’s input into a drawing on the Vehicle of the Future Whiteboard, displayed at Delphi booth for the remainder of the ITS World Congress.

Student visions ranged from practical to out-of-this-world, including a headband enabling drivers to operate vehicles with their minds; a solar truck with propellers; flying cars using multi-level airborne traffic lanes; and autonomous parking with vehicle retrieval via smartphone.

Many of the ideas revolved around autonomous vehicles, sparking a student debate on the pros and cons of self-driving cars. One student asked: if you are over the legal alcohol limit, will it be legal for your autonomous vehicle to drive you home? A question for the future ...

Booth: 2401

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