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08 September 2014



Swarco showcases Omnia platform

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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Richard Neumann Swarco
Richard Neumann proudly shows off part of the company's parking technology

Swarco’s answer to the integrated road transport environment is its Omnia platform, an easy-to-use, map-based graphical user interface that helps cities to manage all their traffic and transportation carriers, independently of whether they use Swarco systems or existing legacy systems.

That’s because Omnia is open and can be adapted to the individual needs of today’s smart cities - public transport, adaptive intersection control, motorway and tunnel management, street lighting, and of course on-street and off-street parking with everything controlled on a single platform.

On Swarco’s booth here at the ITS World Congress, visitors will get an insight into what modern integrated parking management really means. Parking operators have one platform that will provide a city-wide overview of all parking facilities on- and off-street. Parking sensors deliver information on the occupancy degree of parking spaces, and LED-based parking guidance systems lead to the next vacant parking space, avoiding long searches and reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Single-space monitoring with green or red LED lighting facilitates finding a free parking space inside parking facilities and short- and long-term parkers are differentiated.

Indeed, Swarco parking management software is even capable of giving an overview of the charging stations for electric vehicles and their status.

“We now offer a powerful tool to manage one of the biggest problems in cities – traffic searching for for parking spaces,” says Richard Neumann, Swarco’s Communications manager. “Parking operators, parking facility users and our environment alike benefit from this intelligent way to deal with parking in the 21st century.”

 Booth: 2410

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