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08 September 2014



Toyota demos its Cooperative ITS technologies in Detroit

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Sheena Sako of Tokyo International Planning
Sheena Sako of Tokyo International Planning with the simulator

Toyota is giving attendees at the 2014 ITS World Congress a preview of its Cooperative ITS initiative, an effort to build automated driving technology that notifies drivers of real-time information captured through communications between vehicles and with sensors installed on roadways.

The simulator set up on the company’s booth demonstrates vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity as it relates to various applications a driver would encounter in the real world. According to Andrew Gillman, a representative for Toyota, driver safety and fuel economy are the main goals for Cooperative ITS and will supplement rather than replace driver ability.
“Companies like Google are slowly developing fully-automated cars that we may see far in the future, but Toyota is taking a more practical approach by focusing on making a difference in the here and now,” he said.

The focus for now is to introduce element technology and give Cooperative ITS components multiple functions such as a sensor that can initiate a slow down and move a vehicle laterally. Specific demos include the approach of an emergency vehicle, crossing prevention, signal information and signal stopping support.

ttendees are also encouraged to sign up to drive a connected Toyota vehicle outside the convention centre in the test area. There, drivers will be able to use Toyota’s automated highway driving technologies to traverse a closed course with various road hazards.

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