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06 October 2015



PTV launches Vissim 8 hybrid modelling solution

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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Day 1
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ITS WC 15 Day 1 PTV Vissim Miller Crockart
Miller Crockart, VP Sales & Marketing Traffic Software at PTV Group

In a world premiere here at the ITS World Congress, PTV Group is launching its mesoscopic simulation in PTV Vissim 8.

“With PTV Vissim 8, we now combine multimodal microsimulation with mesoscopic simulation in one true hybrid modelling solution,” says Miller Crockart, VP Sales & Marketing Traffic Software at PTV Group.

As the road networks being simulated get bigger, so does the effort involved in building the network and calibrating it as well as the time it takes to run the simulation. However, the high level of detail provided by microscopic simulation is not always needed across the entire network.

The addition of mesoscopic simulation as a modelling level allows users to access a very fast simulation method. If users need to go into detail on specific routes or junctions then this is possible by applying a hybrid simulation. They can define specific sections of the network to be simulated microscopically. This combines the high speed of mesoscopic simulation with the level of detail provided by microscopic simulation. A special feature of PTV Traffic Software products is their interoperability. Networks already created in PTV Visum can be easily transferred to PTV Vissim, where they can be simulated mesoscopically.

“The combination of PTV Traffic Software products is unique on the market, as PTV Group is the only company to offer a one-stop service: multimodal microsimulation for pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic, a high-speed mesoscopic simulation for midsize networks and a macro/demand simulation for strategic planning”, Crockart explains. “Each PTV Traffic Software package is able to exchange data to ensure efficiency, full transparency and unmatched quality.”

PTV is inviting delegates to an exclusive prelaunch event of the new meso functionality today at 6.15pm on its stand.

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