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31 October 2017



Honda proposes the use of V2X to create ‘safe swarm’

First publishedin ITS World Congress
Daily News
Day 2
Day 2 Honda building for the future
Building for the future: Laith Daman, senior HMI engineer from Honda

Japanese carmaker Honda is comparing the coordinated, lithe movements of a school of fish to its vision of the connected roadway— imploring the industry to adapt open technology that allows seamless V2X communications to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety.

Honda’s simulations show how communications technology can solve common anxiety events on roadways. According to Laith Daman, senior HMI engineer for Honda, these events cause high mental workloads on drivers.

“They look to the side, to the back, they’re hunched over,” Daman said. “We want to reduce the stress they are feeling on the road—which [in turn] would decrease slowdowns and congestion.

” The scenarios include congestion caused by a slow merge, an accident, a lane closure or a brief disruption such as a breaking vehicle or an animal crossing the road. Honda shows how V2X communications and radar that alert and divert drivers downstream could mitigate congestion.

According to Daman, Honda’s solutions are still in the research phase and are based on open technology that it hopes OEMs will help develop to achieve widespread adoption on the road.

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