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06 August 2018



Flir’s ThermiCam V2X is hot data collector

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Traffic management systems have always used cameras to monitor traffic and detect traffic users in real time, whether for automatic incident detection, traffic signal control, or traffic data collection. However, the modern ‘smart city’ community is looking to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication that will enable connected and automated driving to become mainstream.

In this emerging field, Flir Intelligent Transportation Systems will feature the Flir ThermiCam V2X which represents the industry’s first intelligent thermal camera equipped with V2X technology. As a thermal camera, the ThermiCam V2X collects data by detecting the thermal energy emitted by vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. The advantage of a thermal sensor is that it only sees heat, rather than visible light. It can detect traffic in harsh lighting conditions that might challenge regular traffic cameras, such as sun glare, darkness, or headlights reflecting off wet streets.

Flir says the V2X packs a rich set of vehicle performance and status information directly from the source, which enables automation algorithms to ‘know’ what surrounding vehicles are doing, rather than estimate what they may be doing. The ThermiCam V2X collects extensive information about traffic users. For example, it can alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians and cyclists at an intersection to prevent possible collisions. It can also adapt green times according to specific road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, and provide traffic signal priority for public transport and emergency vehicles.

The ThermiCam V2X uses broadband-over-powerline communication from the camera to the controller cabinet interface. It easily mounts to existing infrastructure, avoiding costly updates to traffic signal controllers.

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