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  • ITS Associations Georgia snowmageddon Network of associationsSnowmageddon response sweeps award, New push for seamless European travel, Young professionals group launched at ITS UK and Green transport initatives
  • Parking in Helsinki Assocations news around the globeThere will be no roadside parking in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, 15 years from now, predicts ITS Finland's CEO Sampo Hietanen. Instead, a self-driving car will pick you up...
  • Delegates around a table - Tolling industry come together Tolling is still stuck on the sidelines says ASECAP speakerGeoff Hadwick attended ASECAP's 2015 Study Days meeting in Lisbon and found a frustrated European tolling sector undertaking some soul searching. The international road...
  • ITS Associations World Congress demos Avatar European associations and congress newsA preliminary speaker line-up and a number of live demonstrations have been announced for the 2015 ITS World Congress. The demonstrations will include Automatic Braking, a...
  • ITS Associations News Hungary National Mobile payment avatar Associations News around EuropeERTICO ITS-Europe's director of partnership services Rasmus Lindholm has met directors of Hungary's National Mobile Payment scheme to explore opportunities for future...
  • Google Maps drivers personal devices Taking the long view of ITSCaroline Visser believes the ITS industry must present a coherent case for consideration of the technology to become part of transport policy and planning. As ITS advisor and...
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