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  • Hadas Levin Russia invests in ITS technologyRussia's transport systems are developing on a grand scale with ITS central to the plans, thanks in no small part to a recently relaunched ITS Russia. Jon Masters interviews...
  • Elmar Degenhart Trends in automotive technologyContinental has become a leading player in vehicle technology and telematics. The firm's executive board chairman Elmar Degenhart describes to Jason Barnes Continental's...
  • French Street Enforcement suppliers highlight industry best practiceMajor suppliers of enforcement technology highlight the countries, regions or cities that they consider to be leading the way in reduction of road traffic violations. The...
  • Timo Gatsonides Promoting understanding of the need for enforcementChanging needs of mature and emerging economies are demanding more rigorous enforcement services. Gatso's managing director Timo Gatsonides spells out the challenge to Jason...
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  • All change at ITS InternationalAfter four and a half interesting years, this will be my last issue as editor of ITS International. Over that time, I have had the privilege to... 09 February 2018
  • A change of tackFor some time, it has been evident that the quickening pace of technological advancement has been outpacing the ability of legislators to... 01 December 2017
  • Speak up for TransportationTransportation is often blamed for many of the world's ills and some of it is undeniable, such as 1.2 million road deaths a year or poor urban air... 31 July 2017
  • A Change of PerspectiveToday's legislators and the public sector in general are often berated for holding back innovation, for delaying the introduction of new products... 31 May 2017
  • Mass changes in travel patterns may require inter-generational 'evolution'While ITS technology has been developing apace, making travel safer, quicker and more sustainable, changing the public's travel habits is... 28 February 2017
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