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  • Ursula Burns avatar Growth of outsourcing simplifies transportation operationsXerox Chairman and CEO Ursula Burns will deliver the keynote address at the opening plenary of ITS America's 2012 Annual Meeting in May. She talked to ITS International...
  • Hadas Levin Russia invests in ITS technologyRussia's transport systems are developing on a grand scale with ITS central to the plans, thanks in no small part to a recently relaunched ITS Russia. Jon Masters interviews...
  • Elmar Degenhart Trends in automotive technologyContinental has become a leading player in vehicle technology and telematics. The firm's executive board chairman Elmar Degenhart describes to Jason Barnes Continental's...
  • Timo Gatsonides Promoting understanding of the need for enforcementChanging needs of mature and emerging economies are demanding more rigorous enforcement services. Gatso's managing director Timo Gatsonides spells out the challenge to Jason...
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  • Mass changes in travel patterns may require inter-generational 'evolution'While ITS technology has been developing apace, making travel safer, quicker and more sustainable, changing the public's travel habits is progressing... 28 February 2017
  • Navigating an uncertain 2017There is no doubt that 2016 has seen some of the biggest political upheavals in recent times: The UK's decision to leave the EU, America electing a... 06 December 2016
  • Holding the line in the public interestThe pace of development and trials of driverless vehicles would lead many to believe they are the answer to all transportation problems. They are not... 05 October 2016
  • Catering for MaaS DeliveryNewton's first law of motion states that: Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force... 05 August 2016
  • Mobility from the travellers point of viewThe latest generation of mobility apps such as GoLA should be compulsory viewing for all transportation professionals. Why? Because they show what... 08 June 2016
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