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Latest Industry News

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Latest Industry Products

  • Matrix Vision mvBlueCOUGAR-XD2 Matrix Vision expands rangeMatrix Vision's mvBlueCougar-XD family of dual GigE vision cameras include a wide range of high-end CCD sensors from Sony with resolutions up to 12 megapixels and CMOS...
  • EDVLite screen capture Enforcement file management from KustomPublic safety equipment supplier Kustom Signals has released the next phase of its popular file management system, Eyewitness data vault (EDV). Eyewitness data vault lite...
  • ITS Default Avatar Point Grey and Matrox now interoperableHigh-performance digital camera supplier Point Grey has introduced plug-and-play interoperability between its Grasshopper3 and Flea3 USB3 Vision cameras and Matrox Imaging...
  • M23 hybrid plug in connector Phoenix Contact all-in-one plug-in connectorThe new M23 hybrid round plug-in connector from Phoenix Contact is an all-in-one connector that securely transfers signals, data, and power. The IP65/67-compliant...
  • Kustom Signals' LaserCam 4 Fourth generation LaserCamKustom Signals' fourth generation hand-held video Lidar-based LaserCam 4 is powered by the ProLaser 4 for superior performance and offers greater range to target, faster...
  • Videotec’s Ulisse full HD PTZ camera Videotec's Ulisse compact HD now full HDThe field-proven and reliable outdoor Ulisse compact HD PTZ camera is now available in full HD 1080p, providing excellent high definition video quality for demanding security...
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