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08 January 2018

JPO: to host webinar on Wyoming Connected data accessibility

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

Ariel Gold, the ITS Joint Program Office's data program manager will host a webinar on the 25 January 2018 to discuss the preliminary data from the Wyoming Pilot site available for free via the ITS Public Data Hub. The improved accessibility of the data aims to encourage the transportation industry to discover new and innovative ways to make roadways safer and more efficient.

These data sets include Basic Safety Messages (BSMs) and Traveller Information Messages. It is being generated before the full launch of the demonstration in late 2018 and is considered field test data. Users can gain access through a standard application programming interface to list the data, copy specific files to local storage, or perform a bulk download of all the files. They can also view and work with an online sample of the data messages.

In addition, the Advanced Messaging Concept Development data sets provide data from real-world development and deployment of connected vehicle technology focused on mobility information. It is intended to evaluate the ability of connected vehicles to generate and of infrastructure to collect BSMs, Probe Data Messages, and Basic Mobility Messages for non-safety critical applications using cellular communication and dedicated short-range communication in real-world driving conditions. These sets can support research into efficient and less costly ways of identifying bottlenecks on roadways, which could inform drivers ahead of time and improve safety by decreasing secondary crashes from slowdowns on roadways. Availability of these sets are intended for researchers and application developers to leverage connected vehicle messages to inform their research and mobility application development activities.

A short demonstration of how the public can access the data through the ITS Public Data Hub will also be included.

More information is available on the website.

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