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06 July 2012

Scania’s intelligent cruise control system wins German environmental prize

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
The German motorist organisation Automobil Kraftfaher-Schutz (KS) has awarded Scania its Energy and Environmental Prize for 2012 for its intelligent cruise control system, Scania Active Prediction. The system uses GPS in order to determine the vehicle's position and to predict the topography of the road ahead.

The system is intuitive and adapts driving style to the topography in the same way as the most highly skilled truck drivers would do. It also helps experienced drivers to save fuel when driving on new routes, in the dark or under adverse weather conditions. Scania says its Active Prediction cruise control system contributes to fuel savings of up to three per cent with minimal time loss, compared to highway or motorway driving with normal cruise control. Maximum benefits are gained on an undulating route, where the road is never entirely flat.

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