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  • Innovation needed freight movements IBTTA seeks transportation innovationIBTTA's Patrick Jones contemplates the need for, sources of and constraints on transportation innovation. For years now, visionary thinkers and doers in the highway...
  • Olli interior Data handling important for autonomous vehiclesData handling is becoming an ever-greater part of transportation and never more so than with autonomous vehicles, as Andrew Bardin Williams hears from some big names.
  • real-world testing on the camp avatar Texas A&M offer free campus transport testingFree evaluation and testing of transportation systems and products might seem too good to be true - but it isn't. Colin Sowman reports. Texas A&M University is offering to...
  • Mexican emergency services await calls Speeding ambulances through bordersDavid Crawford sees hope for stricken patients on the wrong side of the border. In treating patients with heart or stroke conditions, speed is of the essence.
  • ITS NAFTA Enforcement ATS red light camera avatar Building the case for photo enforcementAs red light enforcement is returning to some intersections and being shut down at others, new evidence has been released backing the safety campaigners, reports Jon Masters....
  • MassRides Incentive schemes target single occupancy commutersAndrew Bardin Williams looks at state-run schemes to encourage green transportation habits with raffles, gift cards, competitions and frequent traveller points. The societal...
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