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Classification & data collection


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  • Project WASP's VIPER system was the first successful attempt to combine WIM and ANPR data at motorway speeds Developing an integrated WIM/ANPR enforcement systemThe weigh in motion market remains especially buoyant and technological development continues to reflect this. Although there are major differences in operating philosophies,...
  • Weigh-in-motion Preclearance system Green Light WIMBeginning in the 1990s, Oregon was one of the first US states to use weigh-in-motion scales and transponder-based systems to enable trucks to avoid having to stop at weigh...
  • loop road with cityscape Loop detection still has a part in traffic managementBob Lees, co-founder of Diamond Consulting Services, on why the loop detector just refuses to go away. The more strident proponents of newer and emergent detection...
  • Jo Versavel Predicting the future for video camera systemsJo Versavel, Managing Director of Traficon, talks about near-term trends in video camera systems. Jo Versavel starts by making one thing clear: long-term forecasts as to what...
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