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  • real-world testing on the camp avatar Texas A&M offer free campus transport testingFree evaluation and testing of transportation systems and products might seem too good to be true - but it isn't. Colin Sowman reports. Texas A&M University is offering to...
  • University of Michigan Mcity Ertico coordinates big data debateDavid Crawford finds that agreeing a common data standard for auto manufacturers' onboard sensors, navigation system companies and map makers is proving a complex task.
  •  Asecap event in madrid Asecap debates the future of tollingColin Sowman reports form Asecap's Study & Information Days event in Madrid. At Asecap's (the Association of European Toll Road Operators) recent Study and Information Days...
  •  Lorry on Highway On a WIM a global view of weigh in motionQ-Free's Andrew Lees looks at regional characteristics and technology trends in the global Weigh-In-Motion market. The principles of Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) are well...
  • Enforcement High speed WIM trial site High-speed WIM moves onto the main highwayHigh-speed weigh-in-motion is starting to make its mark on both sides of the Atlantic. As a transit country the Czech Republic experiences a large number of overloaded...
  • V2V Vehicle Automation Sorting myth from reality in vehicle automationBob Denaro looks beyond the hype surrounding autonomous vehicles to the challenges that still need to be overcome. Automated vehicles (AVs) may be the perfect storm in a...
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